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North Korea

    Diamond Mountains

    • Sangsun'gam-ni, North Korea
    • Diamond Mountains$$
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    • Diamond Mountains are considered the most beautiful in Korea. They are not high and is made of solid granite. From a distance, the mountains create a kind of stone chaos: thousands of peaks and peaks with nearly vertical slope, natural stone pillars resembling the unthinkable monster. Near it is possible to consider the bottomless canyons, boiling streams and lush vegetation. On this stone giant eagles soar miracle.

      Diamond Mountain end off the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, where the scattered hundreds of small islands. They rarely see snow and almost not familiar with the winds of the Arctic Ocean. There is growing maple, acacia, hornbeam, oak, Manchurian walnut, magnolia, grapes. Polyana mountains covered with high ferns, blue and purple iris, lilies Tygravay.

      The most famous attraction Diamond Mountains - smoking, Falls Nine Dragon hundred-meter height, creates in conjunction with the nature of a beautiful landscape. Diamond mountains devoted half of Korean songs and dances, and every Korean dreams to come here at least once.

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